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The Somebodies

(Documentary Book)

As squeegee kids continue to be looked upon as failures to the society, the majority of drivers and car passengers avoid them, fearing trouble and violence. For many, the belief that squeegee kids are simply part of a subculture lacking respect, decency, and ambition is grounded in their notion of truth. With these predetermined ideas in mind, many refuse to address squeegee kids directly in an attempt to come to a better understanding of their situation.


While exploring the notion of the private/public dichotomy, The Somebodies aims to challenge mainstream society’s notions and beliefs concerning squeegee kids, depicting these individuals as any other human beings. By de-contextualizing and juxtaposing photographs, the project seeks to thrust new discussions, perceptions, and realities that will allow us to set aside the stereotypical views currently in place within the public sphere. These individuals are not solely squeegee kids. These individuals have experiences, emotions, and opinions just like anyone else.

This project was originally printed as a photo book in 2009.

Production and Images

Estelle Hébert

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