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Estelle Hébert is a Canadian documentary practitioner and graduate from Ryerson University's Documentary Media Masters program in Toronto (2009). She also has experience teaching English as a second language abroad. She has been involved in various research and media work since her early college years (BA Communication Studies, Concordia University), producing a number of documentary media projects addressing humanitarian and social issues. She has also had the great opportunity to work alongside Red Letter Films, HenryLess Productions, and Curriculum Services Canada as researcher, project leader, director, and picture editor. Estelle's current research interests include issues related to world population and global inequalities.

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  • Storytelling
  • Film/Video
  • Final Cut
  • Sound/Audio
  • Writing
  • New Media


On Our Way (Brighter Than Tomorrow) *in-progress-- Official Site
It began as a fundraising campaign yet quickly grew into the production of a feature length documentary film - On Our Way follows a small group of Japanese fishermen from a washed away village working together to rebuild both their business and village following the devastating Great East Japan earthquake/tsunami of March 11th, 2011.

Passing Lines -- Official Site / Preview
Drawing on themes related to traveling, movement, change, and identity, Passing Lines is an audio-based documentary exploring the tensions and difficulties that exist between the rigid structures enforced by Canadian immigration law and those traveling individuals who have made their refugee claim based on their sexual identity. Combining soundscapes and testimonies obtained from outside the judicial system, Passing Lines tells the story of three different queer refugees' journey to Canada, exploring new ground by emphasizing sound as traveling speech, testimony, and story within a society where visuality continues to be privileged.

Outter Self: Site Specific Intermedia Installation -- Preview
(April 21st - 25th, 2010 / Studio City / Toronto ) -- In collaboration with Toronto-based artist Paul Aloisi
Dealing with themes of human landscape and inter-connectedness, Outter Self includes video projection, sound design, as well as original structures built on site. The installation is part of FAT: Toronto's Alternative Arts and Fashion Week. Cover charge includes access to multiple installations/exhibits, in addition to live fashion and music shows.

Iran is Alive -- Preview / Download
(Ryerson Gallery / Toronto) -- In collaboration with Iranian documentary filmmaker Davoud Geramifard
An artist statement greets the audience, encouraging them to ask questions related to Iran, aloud, to the live performer, located at the centre of the Iran floor map made of plywood. Fabric—thin enough to see the performer’s movements, and thick enough to serve as a screen for videos projected from different angles—is suspended from the ceiling grids directly above the floor map, hanging down to the floor. The live performer begins to dance in response to the audience’s questions, moving to different areas of the map, which are be censored. The censored areas are divided into three sections, each associated with 1 projector. Depending on the performer’s movements, video clips (with audio) are projected randomly in a non-linear fashion. Each projection area is associated with a specific theme/category of images concerning Iran: war images, revolution images, and “media that matters” images. When the audience asks no question, the soundtrack of a heartbeat accompanies visuals of Iranian individuals.

The Somebodies -- Download
The Somebodies--a documentary photo book--aims to challenge mainstream society's notions and beliefs concerning squeegee kids, depicting these individuals as any other human being. By de-contextualizing and juxtaposing photographs, and by giving them the opportunity to express themselves, the project seeks to thrust new discussions, perceptions, and realities that will allow us to set aside the stereotypical views currently in place within the public sphere. These individuals are not solely squeegee kids. These individuals have experiences, emotions, and opinions just like anyone else.

La Maladie Incomprise -- Coming Soon
A sound documentary on the subject of cluster headaches / Un documentaire audio au sujet des céphalées de Horton.

Speakeasy -- Preview
*Official Selection 2007 Montreal International Film Festival*
In collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Marc Wiltshire.
Short comedy piece about a young guy named Michael, who is forced to attend AA meetings after getting caught drinking two beers south of the border.

FLAMOUSSE! -- Preview
*Official Selection 2006 Illinois International Film Festival & Toronto Student Shorts Film Festival*
In collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Marc Wiltshire, Gabriel Bran Lopez, and Elijah Baker.
A comic tale about a young man’s struggle for a sex life due to his unconventional relationship with his parents.

Half Way -- Download
CBC Television - In association with the National Film Board of Canada.
In collaboration with Miriam Altounji, Emilie Fanning, and Meggan Gagnon.
Montreal-based organization DANS LA RUE offers free veterinarian services to people in need, bringing together practicing students and street kids.



Public Lectures

Invited Guest - Hiroshima University. Hiroshima, Japan, 2013. Presentation: Documenting Community and Culture - A Post-tsunami Story

10th International Conference on Diversity
in Organisations, Communities, and Nations. Ireland, 2010. Presentation: Passing Lines: Queer Refugee Claimants' Journeys, Testimonies, and Liquid Identities.

ESF-LIU Conference on Home, Migration and the City New Narratives, New Methodologies. Sweden, 2010. Presentation: Passing Lines: Queer Refugee Claimants' Journeys, Testimonies, and Liquid Identities.


Passing Lines: Queer Refugee Claimants' Journeys, Testimonies, and Liquid Identities. The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities, and Nations. Volume 10, Number 5. Common Ground Publishing. February 2011. Available Online.

Nightwalker. Article. IRKED Magazine. November 2008.

I'm Going To Tell You a Secret. Review. ICON Magazine. Issue #39. 2009.


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